Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have had one of those - middle of the night moments - love em! Thought... due to the fact that no institution in Wellington or that I know of is interested in collecting the history of the artist's co-op Cabbage Patch, Art Centre early days Capital art of the 70's - yet there seems to be a growing chorus of mainly younger artists re-creating their own versions of these early feral/collective art/politics/community efforts and are keen to know more of these days in the 70s etc. (groups like Concerned Citizens Coalition "CCC"), various academics like Giovanni Tiso's Bat,bean,beam blog and other writers like Marcus Moore (Massey), Chris Trotter - I thought I would at least attempt putting a serialised musing on art I have made or had a substantial hand in the birth... without being a wanker!

So... looking back to look forward - starting with my very early art - it's context and reflections of its place/ meanings, connections with current art, ideas about - where to from here et al. "Rear view ahead"... All three of you in favour?


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