Saturday, April 5, 2014

This is a work (in two parts) called

"Mona Lisa with adbreaks"... It is really funny when one googles the title... this is the first image that appears! ... the world's first Mona Lisa with adbreaks ha! I guess it says everything I can say about how advertising forces itself willfully into our personal time and space... shredding the cinematic arts in the body of which it parasitically 'cohabits'... this idea gave rize to rADz... radical art advertisements - born in the late eighties, consuated with two - jointly made by myself, Russell Colins (with some help from Carlos Wedde) and Red Mole Enterprizes - which is documented in Alan Brunton's article in Illusions Magazine ... as Marcus Moore has said...

Through the 1990’s Thomas’s experiences within and outside of the mainstream film and television industries trained in him collaborative skills toward the end-game, humility. The innovative RADZ® series was art as time-based projects intervened within advertising space on TV – placing art into that most widespread of public mediums – first thought of by Thomas in the late 1980s, what Alan Brunton later called ‘art dancing in the devil’s playground’ (Illusions, Issue 17, Spring 1991). 

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  1. The second half is another work ... "Advertisement with Mona Lisa breaks" ha